Samyang’s 24-70mm f/2.8 lens has been released for Sony E-Mount. It features autofocus and parfocal, which is a rare feature in still lenses.

Sony Alpha Rumors leaked the lens on October 9, and it has been listed for sale in Thailand since then — though only Thailand at the time. The lens is likely to eventually be available in other countries. It promises autofocus, parfocal and is listed at an equivalent to $900. If the image quality is comparable to third-party optics, it will likely be very popular.

According to the Shopee listing, the Samyang 24-70mm F/2.8 FE lens features 17 elements in 14 groups. It also includes two aspherical elements, three extra-low dispersion element and one “HB” and three “HR” elements. A special “UMC” coating is also applied to the front element. The front element has a 35 cm focusing distance and promises roundbokeh due to its nine-bladed aperture.

It uses a linear STM focus system. Parfocal also means that the autofocus can be adjusted to change the focal length and the focus point won’t be lost once the subject is in focus. This feature is typically reserved for high-end cinema lenses. It allows filmmakers to adjust the focal length and focus without needing to rack focus simultaneously. This lens is the first to achieve parfocal, and it’s even possible with a sub-$1,000 lens.

According to the lens description, it is capable of autofocusing stills shots well, and the parfocal nature makes it suitable for video work. This makes the lens a great hybrid shooter optic.

The Samyang 24-70mm F/2.8 FE has some weather resistance, and is protected from rain and dust. This lens can be used with all Sony E-Mount full-frame camera models and can produce high-resolution images up to 4K. Two-year warranty covers the lens. It is possible that the lens will soon be available worldwide, as noted.