PreSonus Revelator USB-C Microphones are a great mic for those who want to adjust their microphone settings and those who don’t. You can adjust the sample rate, block size and clock source as well as the EQ, voice, and other settings. These features are not required to be used to get great sound quality for streaming, podcasting and video. These features are a great addition for anyone who wants to customize their microphone settings. Let’s look at the PreSonus Revelator USB–C Microphone.

The PreSonus Revelator Microphone’s Key Features:

  • USB-C compatible
  • Headphone amplifier built-in with zero-latency
  • Record two stereo loopback streams
  • Three selectable polar patterns
  • There are 16 presets available

Intuitive Setup

This microphone’s biggest advantage is its simplicity of setup and use. Once you have downloaded the drivers and software from PreSonus’ website you can reboot your computer to start recording. This is how I first ran my stream using it, before getting into the features of its microphone.

Sound Flexibility, Selectable Polar Patterns

It was totally different to use it stream-side from my mic. It was possible to be far away from the PreSonus Revelator USBC Microphone, and still be heard. This was a welcome change from my previous microphone, which required me to be very close to the mic to be heard. Another benefit was having guests on my live stream. I found that if I had a few guests, it was difficult to hear them clearly because I was so close to the microphone. The PreSonus microphone allowed them to be heard even further away without any problems. This microphone is great for podcasters and streamers who may need to record around tables or beside others.

PreSonus Revelator USB Microphone offers three polar patterns to choose from: Figure-8, omnidirectional and cardioid. These will allow the microphone to be adjusted towards you and others for setup. This flexibility will allow you to adjust the volume level for guests and cohosts who are at different locations. Even if you are using the microphone alone, it is beneficial to have a microphone that can be used in both close or far.

Simple to Manage

The main issues I had with the microphone were easily fixed. The microphone comes with a short cord that you need to connect it to your computer. This will usually be sufficient for a laptop. However, if you have a desktop, it may be necessary to replace the cord yourself or use an extender to reach the microphone. Although my desktop is not very close to my desk, I was able fix it because I had a USB extender on hand. The preset settings were all removed manually because I did not want to use them on my stream or recordings, such as the distorted vocal. These effects can be edited and changed in the software settings.

Unique Presets and Voice Effects

Another great thing about this microphone is its ability to instantly hear and test your sound. For testing, you can simply plug in a 3.5mm headset directly to your microphone. You can then hear your adjustments to gain, voice effects and other settings. Then you can map out the 16 presets that you might like.

You don’t need to be an expert in settings like EQ, compression and limiter. You can change to a different preset and then listen back to determine the best setting for your recording. This was very useful because I could adjust the settings of the microphone until I found the perfect one. The default settings can be used for recording and effects, but I recommend that anyone who purchases the mic test them and hear how they sound through the software. These settings can be adjusted to improve the sound quality and user experience.

The polar pattern settings make this microphone a great choice for podcasting. Because of its easy access and custom preset voices, it is ideal for recording videos and livestreaming. The presets can be used for different times of the stream such as gaming and exciting events. The PreSonus Revelator USB–C Microphone is worth a look for its sound quality, customizable effects and flexibility.