Teradek’s revolutionary Teradek wave touchscreen smart streaming monitor-encoder is set to revolutionize livestreaming. This monitor is the only one that can handle all aspects of livestreaming: encoding, smart event creation, network bonding, recording, and multi-streaming.

The 5-in-1 streaming monitor features a 7-inch touchscreen that is daylight-viewable. This makes workflows easier and more flexible than ever. It streams to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other platforms. The Teradek Wave monitor’s FlowOS project workflow allows you to prepare multiple events in advance — a great tool for event professionals.

This innovation is a game changer for events, meetings, membership organizations, and other related industries. This article will cover everything you need to know about the Teradek Wave Touchscreen smart streaming monitor-encoder. It is currently available for preorder.

The key features of the Teradek new monitor

Teradek’s new Wave Touchscreen Smart Streaming Monitor/Encoder allows event organizers to make their events more engaging and accessible. This is the first livestreaming monitor that can handle smart event creation, networking bonding, and encoding up 1080p60. This smart streaming monitor was designed by Teradek to streamline workflows and make it easier to share real-time events or conferences. The seven-inch touchscreen monitor is designed to allow for easy control and monitoring of streams, no matter what the circumstances. The Teradek monitor also has the following key features:

  • Live streaming monitor encoder with network bonding
  • 7-inch touchscreen (IPSLC)
  • A new FlowOS workflow
  • Sharelink subscriptions make bonding possible
  • Can encode up to 1080p60 and H.264
  • One HDMI input
  • Dual-modem capabilities can be achieved with two USB inputs
  • Built-in SD card slot for recording
  • WiFi 6 and Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB-C Powered
  • Hot-swappable Sony L-series
  • Can stream to YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Wave app for iOS monitoring & phone bonding

A 5-in-1 streaming screen

Teradek has packed the Teradek Wave Touchscreen Smart streaming monitor-encoder with incredible features. The only livestreaming monitor that can handle encoding at 1080p60, smart event creations, multi-streaming and recording via an SD slot is the Teradek Wave Touchscreen Smart Streaming Monitor-Encoder. The monitor also features a seven-inch touchscreen that is daylight-viewable and allows you to monitor streams and manage workflows. The new FlowOS software, which allows you to prepare multiple events in advance, ensures a seamless production.

Stream across platforms

The Teradek monitor has more than just features. The monitor works on the most popular streaming platforms so your content will reach as many people as possible. You can stream to YouTube and Vimeo from the Teradek monitor. Wave for iOS can be used to remotely monitor streams, ensuring that your audience has a clear and immersive viewing experience.

Unlimited livestreaming possibilities

We’ve seen that online communication can help keep communities and companies connected as never before, as we learned during the pandemic. This monitor allows event organizers and business leaders to make their content or community available to an infinite number of people, even though in-person experiences may be limited. This means increased participation, improved employee inclusion, new membership-community offers, and many other benefits. The monitor’s seamless workflow means that even newcomers to livestreaming will be able to take advantage of its many perks.

Preorder the Teradek Wave Touchscreen Smart Streaming Monitor/Encoder for $1,190